All in a Day began 8 years ago over a poker game one night in April. Long time friends, Kevin Royes and Dino Bassanese just threw it out there… “let’s fill the day with all the stuff we love to do.” That first year it was snowboarding on Mount Seymour, followed by mounting biking the legendary North Shore trails, ending with 9 holes of golf at picture perfect Northlands golf course.


As the years went on, more iconic Vancouver activities and good friends were added until they found themselves at 24 hours.





Their vision from the beginning was simple… let’s celebrate our diverse and active lifestyle and all the awesomeness this city has to offer by jamming it all into one epic day.


There are triathlons and there is the Iron Man Triathlon. All in a Day is the Iron Man of diverse urban adventures designed for the most adventurous of urban souls. 




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