yoga event in vancouver
All in a Day June 20, 2015

The date is June 20! The adventure is bigger than ever! And now it’s time to sign up for 

the most epic 24 hours of your life!


It’s All in a Day Vancouver: 2015, and this year it’s a summer party… slip and slide and all!


We have 100 Passports for 100 people. This FFF “Friends and Friends of Friends” invite 

is  your chance to be one of them… so check the bank, clear the date, and join the party!!!

All day 10 event adventure in Vancouver

We love to be active, we love good times and we love good people. We put it all in a day because WE LOVE THIS CITY!


TEN, that's right, TEN iconic activities. It's going to be the best 24 hours of your life!




We welcome the day with 60 minutes of yoga as we prepare our body, mind, and souls for the adventure ahead.


Into the legendary North Shore woods we go. A 90 minute hike that takes us to Quarry Rock overlooking picturesque Deep Cove and back again.


From the woods to the water, we bring the adventure to the ocean. 90 minutes of kayaking to explore the Cove and it’s nearby islands.


From The Shore to the city. Prepare for a 2 hour urban bike ride that rolls through historic Gastown, and around world renowned Stanley Park. Costumes are a welcome site of course!


The bike ride rolls to the beach at Crab Park in Gastown. Music, slip & slides and beach games will make this a beach party to tell your great grand kids about.


Go home, clean up, and get dressed like you mean it. You are about to embark on a 3 hour sunset cruise around city that consistently wins number one in North America. Your city!!!


We are Vancouverites, which means we are foodies. Take a rest from the incredible city views and let your taste buds soar as you enjoy some of the cities most creative cuisine.


The boat has landed and now it’s time to shake that booty. The party moves to a dance club where DJ dance beats will keep us grooving into the wee hours of the morning.


Turning down the volume and the energy, it’s off to a secret beach for a super chill bonfire that has us reflecting on a good day, good friends and a good life.


Being healthy, eating good food and having fun is who we are, and so is giving back to the world. Activating a micro loan and changing a life will be an essential part of the day.

What is All in a Day

Many of us live a diverse lifestyle here in Vancouver. We are active, we like the outdoors, we like good food, we like to dance, we like to change the world. All in a Day is a celebration of our lifestyle and of the best city on earth.



What events are involved

In past events we included snowshoeing and boarding, but due to lack of snow this year, we are making it a summer party. Yoga, kayaking, hiking, urban bike ride, beach party, evening boat cruise, fine dining, clubbing, sunrise bonfire, and giving back by way of making a kiva micro loan and changing a life.



How much does it cost

We are only charging $140, which covers the actual costs of the events. We are not making any profit from our friends.



What does my money cover… what is the cost breakdown

We break it down like this:

$5      Yoga              

$25    Kayak 

$0      Hike 

$0      Bike

$5      Beach Party

$30    Cruise 

$40    Dinner (you cover your beverages)

$0      Dancing  (you pay the cover charge at the door)

$0      Bonfire 

$25    Give Back (Kiva micro loan)

$5      Transportation so we move as one and don't drink and drive 

$5      Misc to cover surprise added costs that tend to creep up

$140  TOTAL 



Do I need money for anything else during the day

Most likely you will need some money for the day. We don’t include breakfast or lunch or beverages for the day, so you can bring your own or buy as you go.



How do you make a profit

Our intention is to throw an epic party with your friends. If we do make a profit it will be from sponsorships. 



What time does it start 

We meet at 6am and get people and gear organized and loaded into the transportation vehicles. Yoga starts promptly at 7am in Deep Cove.



Where do we meet

The meeting point is the parking lot at Crab Park in Gastown. If you are driving your own vehicle, you can meet either at Crab Park or Deep Cove.  



Is my bike going to be safe

Yes, all bikes are going to be locked in a cube van to be sure they are safe.



What do I need to bring

You’ll need your gear for the first part of the day:

yoga wear

trail shoes


costume (if you’re feeling it for the bike ride)

beach attire


water, water, water

food, snacks


After the beach party we go home and get dressed for the night.



Is it really 24 hours

Yes, from 6am to 6am. 



Do I have to stay for 24 hours

No, you only do the events you like… you are not a prisoner. However only those that do the entire 24 hours get bragging rights!


All in a Day began 8 years ago over a poker game one night in April. Long time friends, Kevin Royes and Dino Bassanese just threw it out there... "how many things can we do in a day"


From the top of Mount Seymour to the bottom, the first year was snowboarding, mountain biking and 9 holes of golf at the picture perfect Northlands golf course. 


As the years progressed, they added more activities and good friends until they found themselves at a full 24 hours.


As Dino says, "Our purpose is simple. We live a diverse, active lifestyle in the best city on earth. What better way to celebrate it than to jam it all into one epic day".


"It's not for everyone, like the Ironman is not for every triathlete ", says Kevin.  


Eight years later, and with ten events, including "changing a life", All in a Day 2015 is definitely going to be the most epic year yet!